I'm a twenty-something from Pittsburgh, PA where I grew up in a big family with a lot of animals and was unschooled for most of my K-12 education. I loved to read (still do) and escaped into books to avoid hard things, riding the 67F bus down to the Carnegie Library and carrying home as many books as I could many days a week. I've also lived in Bellingham, WA, Saint Louis, MO & Birmingham, AL. I currently reside in Montgomery, AL because my husband, Edward, is doing his M3 rotations here. He's training to be a psychiatrist. We will be in Montgomery for a year or two. After that, it's a mystery...

In college I studied Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Creative Writing at Washington University in St Louis. I really want to live near Santa Fe someday, the southwestern landscape inspires me and I feel like my favorite version of myself in it.

I am a lifelong vegetarian, have lived in more apartments and houses than I can count, was once homeless and have hitchhiked up the California coast. I live with chronic emotional & physical health problems.

I'm trying to heal myself, the parts that can be healed & become more whole, but it's a tricky endeavor because there isn't a clear path to follow. That could be said about many parts of life though.

I like to write in the mornings before I'm completely awake because I feel the words come with more honesty during that time.

I have worked as a photographer for Washington University in St Louis, the Riverfront Times, the Endangered Wolf Center, the Missouri Botanical Garden and many other private clients. My photography work has been featured three times on the front page of Wordpress.com and in eight exhibitions (six in Saint Louis and two in New York City). It has also been published in the Huffington Post, Alabama PhotographersBroken Light Collective, Blue Monday Review, A&S Magazine, Armour Magazine, Spires Arts & Literary MagazineStudent Life & by Ink + Volt.

I was recently chosen as a grant recipient by the Advocates For Youth organization for their 1-in-3 Photography Project, which I feel very honored by. The goal of the campaign is to reduce the stigma that surrounds women who have experienced abortion.

My poetry has been published in Kalkion, The Bookends Review, Camroc Press Review, Editor's Eye, Cur.ren.cy Literary Magazine, Danse Macabre du Jour & Spires Arts & Literary Magazine. My other writing has been featured by the International Bipolar Foundation, VSA Missouri & the Sam Fox School of Art & Design. I have been in one drawing exhibition in Birmingham, AL and have had my flower arrangements featured five times at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA. I've independently published two books, One Six Billionth & Putting The Ghosts to Rest, which are available online.

My latest project is Deer Heart, a digital magazine of many mediums, which I started in September of 2017.

I can be reached at kaitmauro@gmail.com.