Integrating: A Visual & Textual Project

"What do I do after this?"

"You're going to keep trying not to divide yourself up

into separate selves. Keep integrating everything.”

- Ariel Gore, We Were Witches


In May 2018, I began something called a “365 Project.” It’s a thing photographers, and occasionally artists of other mediums, do where they make & share a piece of art everyday for one year. As the project progressed, I began to realize how much it meant to me. I loved the feeling of using my camera to create something everyday, remembering the moments I’d chosen to photograph more clearly because of the image I’d taken, all the threads that were sewn throughout the images in the project & the connections they created between the most wonderful days & the most difficult. I decided I wanted to stop my 365 project. I didn’t want to complete the project because that meant it would end & I wanted to keep doing this for far more than the days I had left until 365. I wanted to keep documenting my life through images & creating everyday. I wanted to add words, real stories, to the narrative the images had begun to weave. So, the project grew. It branched out. It took root. It become more complicated but also more integrated into my identity. I was someone who documented. I was someone who created at least one thing everyday. I was someone who integrated, who would strive to continue integrating the different aspects of myself & my little life through my work with words & photographs. It was still a 365 project, in a sense, but it was more a daily habit than a countdown. I have one little life. I am nothing to history. But I want to document my experience of being a human & to remember it. I am an unreliable narrator but I want to tell you my stories.