Getting Back Into Ballet

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Edward & I started doing ballet workouts together about a week & a half ago. We do them in the evenings after he gets home from work-school. It’s way more fun to do them with someone else than when I used to do them alone. I’m impressed with how much progress I’ve made in just a week & a half with flexibility & stregth. I can do a push-up for the first time in my life! I stretch while I’m at home talking to people on the phone now, when I’d normally just be sitting, which seems like a little life hack haha did I just invent something?

Anyway, I took these photos this afternoon because I want to document my body as it becomes stronger & more flexible. Not going to lie - I kind of wanted to Photoshop my stomach to be flatter in a few of these photographs. But I didn’t. I am done with that bullshit. So anyway, here’s the first of the Thursday Stretch photos.

Goal: be able to do a split sometime in the next few months. I forgot to try a front/back one today & just did a side one. I’ll have to start working on a front/back one & document it with the other stretches next Thursday. Does anyone know which one is easier to do/get to doing?

If you know any good stretches, send them my way!