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A lot of nesting has been going on at our house over this little Thanksgiving break. I’ve been working on giving the living room a much fresher look & I became absolutely obsessed with giving our bed a makeover (#almostthirty lol). I spent more hours than I want to admit looking for the perfect comforter in various stores & on online shops.

I bought some (more) polka dot plants & two Christmas cacti at the grocery store early one morning & repotted them into some pots of plants that had reached their expiration date (isn’t it sad when plants don’t age well, even with careful care?).

Tomorrow the comforter I ordered is scheduled to get here in the post & I am ready with ALL the bohemian throw pillows. I really hope all of the different textured/colored textiles I’ve gotten from so many different places come together in the way I am hoping & it doesn't all look too chaotic or cluttered.