Eros & Thanatos - First Attempt

Kait MauroComment

(watercolor brush pen, watercolor pencil, black ink pen, pencil, & glue on paper)

I’m not sure exactly how pleased I am with this finished piece. I think it’s missing some of the simplicity my original vision for it had. I thought the colors might be a fun idea but now I am regretting them a little bit. Oh well, I can always try again for another version that’s more in line with my aesthetic & sense of style another day. I think I will. This is only the 2nd drawing I’ve ever really made.

I wish a little bit that I still had the first one I made but I sold it to an acquaintance when I was rather skint. I hope it’s happy in it’s new home. Still, on a positive note, I have more playing around (or less, one might say) to do with this concept of Eros & Thanatos. They’re concepts from psychology, I think maybe Freud’s, that represent the “life” & “death” drives we all supposedly have simultaneously within us.