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Putting the Ghosts to Rest: Poems & Photographs

A collection of poems (some long & some short, some dark & some light, some verse & some prose) with nine full-page black & white abstract photographs. 
The book is written in five parts: Assortment of Arranged Things, Early Works, College Was Not the Best Four Years of My Life, It Will Come Back & Five True Things.

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One Six Billionth (First Edition 2010, Second Edition 2016)

"I live in snapshots and polaroid pictures. Everything will be exposed in time - hues, textures and motivations like ghosts of the present tense. These memories are embroidered and tinted, complete with awkward pauses and distracted glances but my words are genuine. It's time to let it go. In the end, none of it really matters. It's the way people still try in the face of this fact that makes them so beautiful.  We all scream our lungs out just to feel alive but let's try to speak in whispers, just this once." 
This is a second printing of a book I wrote when I was 18 years old. It was out of print for 7 years until I, by happenstance, found a used copy of it and decided to bring it back to life. I feel it is an important piece of my origins as an artist.

"This book is about discovery and beginnings, although the author might not see it that way. The books begins with passages about writing, and I've read (and produced) works in a medium about a medium by young artists who don't have enough experience to profess authority, and it makes me roll my eyes. But Mauro never does this: It's a writer discovering writing and writing about that discovery. Mauro writes, "I had forgotten how lovely it is to write with a real pen and paper, to not worry about grammar or sounding lyrical, only about saying what you need to say." One Six Billionth certainly leans towards simple language over lyricism, but the sense that what's being said needs to be said is consistent and strong. The book is almost a pastiche, with a quote on almost every page. She quotes Jarmusch: "Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent." While some of it might not be original, I never doubted it was authentic, and the window into Mauro is one worth looking into. She gives every indication that she's just beginning, and I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes." - Susan on

"Wow. It's honestly all I can say. The way she writes, describing things, her metaphors, it's breath-taking. It leaves me wishing I could be that creative. It's a memoir. But you get more of how she thinks and perceives things than her life. I like it that way though. I think anyone would enjoy the book. Getting a look into Kaitlyn's head really is something I loved. One Six Billionth is a great read, I really couldn't put it down." - Catelyn on