What I'm Learning Lately / Dancing Is Medicine

Journal, The Healing WorkKait MauroComment

My body holds a lot of trauma from it's past. This has shaped my brain and the ways I think, react & feel. But I can change it, heal & move forward.

Animals are incredibly healing. I already knew this but I am learning it again.

Human connection is incredibly healing. Human contact is as important as food or water. I already knew this but I am learning it again. I am not as good at human connection as I thought I was. But I can learn to be better.

I am not as good at or brave about being vulnerable as I thought I was but I can learn to be.

I am braver in my work as an artist than in real life. I can work on both.

Not all medicine comes in a pill bottle from the pharmacy. Dancing is medicine, making art is medicine, reading or writing can be medicine, a shower can be medicine, housework can be medicine, rituals can be medicine, rest can be medicine, breathing consciously can be medicine...