Sick but Venturing Out A Bit (16/365, 17/365 & more)

JournalKait MauroComment

I went to the doctors on day 16/365 - the nurse was not amazing at drawing blood but it's okay because I like photographing bruises. Hopefully I'll hear what my lab results say today, still waiting. I want to know what's going on with my body.

Then yesterday, on day 17/365, Edward & I woke up early and got to the Montgomery Zoo right as it was opening. It was super cool! I'm going to bring $3 cash with me next time because you can feed the giraffes if you have that and feeding the giraffes at the Birmingham Zoo was one of the coolest/weirdest/most fun experiences I remember having. I was impressed by the zoo in our new city. It was bigger than I expected - so big that once Edward & I started getting overheated and decided to come back & see the rest another day we got very lost trying to find our way back out. That part was not fun. They had many of my favorite animals though - turtles (I love turtles, I know it is a weird obsession to have but I am rather obsessed with turtles), capybara, maned wolves ("foxes on stilts," which were my favorite kind of wolf when I worked at the Endangered Wolf Center in St Louis, MO), elephants, flamingos, tigers, jaguars, on & on & on...