One Regret I Have

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I wish I'd majored in art or art history at university instead of women, gender & sexuality studies. WGSS felt like a passion when I was 19 but by the time I was close to finishing my degree I was absolutely burnt out on it (and academia in general). Maybe the same thing would have happened with art, but I feel like it would have suited me better, looking back. Luckily I have A LOT of free time on my hands right now, and I most likely will continue to have a lot of it in the future, so I came up with a little plan: I am going to do my own little version of art school on my own. I'm going to learn all about art history, I'm going to try new artistic mediums, I'm going to read and watch and listen and look and learn. I am going to share this part of my life with you all as it develops on this blog. I considered making a separate blog for it, and maybe I will in the future if it becomes a more serious thing, but I like to keep everything in one place for some reason. I like to kind of have a little home on the internet, a record of my existence & phases & transitions & life (as much of it as I feel comfortable sharing anyway). Why can't I write about my struggles with my mental health, daily life, gardening & nesting into our rented homes, share my own work as an artist, share with you what I'm learning about art & art history, etc, all in one place? Why are bloggers expected to just pick one aspect of their life and write only about that? It's so limiting and then you only see one facet of a person, which isn't how people are built, in my opinion anyway.

If anyone has any books or shows or documentaries they'd like to recommend I add to my little curriculum, please let me know! I'd really appreciate your suggestions.

Currently the books I have to study are:


and I have seasons one through seven of Art 21 to watch, which will introduce me to a lot of the more well-known contemporary artists I don't already know.

Also, another thing I am very excited about, we got approved for the rental house we liked best in Montgomery! I'm going to have my own little artist studio room and a big, private backyard to garden in! We're going to be moving there at the beginning of May. I'll share lots of photographs once the house is set up to my liking.