Goodbye To You & The Storyline You Came From

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This bracelet was given to me during a very low, broke phase in my life, right before my bipolar was diagnosed, by an older man who wanted to pay me to have sex with him (I didn't take him up on his offer). He left the price tag on when he gave it to me - it said it cost almost $400. I'm skeptical that it was the actual tag that went with the item though. I never wore it because I felt like it had bad karma attached to it. I should have saged it before giving it to my friend, Mackenzie, here in Birmingham.


These are rings I had held onto from my high school boyfriend, the one I broke up with and got back together with repeatedly. I told him a terrible lie when we broke up for the last time that I still feel guilty about when I think about it - though I now know that that was the beginning of my borderline showing up:

"drastic measures to avoid real or imagined abandonment," or some criteria like that.


This was the only jewelry I had left from my best friend turned fiancé turned good friend again, San. We were briefly engaged when I was a junior in college. All the other jewelry I had from him I had already gotten rid of when Edward and I got together. One item, a silver bangle from India, had to be cut off my wrist because it had been there so long. This one he sent me after Edward and I were together, living in Saint Louis on S Spring Ave. He said he won it in some kind of bet on a cruise with his family or something, I forget the exact story. It was sweet of him and I harbor no ill feelings towards San, who I still consider a good friend (if I am honest with myself I was the one who behaved worse in that relationship), but I never wear the ring.


These two were left over from a very brief shoplifting-cheap-things phase I went through in my younger years. Every time I saw them in my jewelry box I felt guilty about taking them without paying, so off they go.


Here are all of the pieces I got rid of in the end, letting my best lady friend pick through them and take what she wanted before donating the rest to the charity shop. I have a ridiculously large jewelry case but I've collected so many (mostly quite cheap) pieces over the years that even it was a bit crowded. Some of these I just gave away because they weren't my style anymore or I couldn't picture myself wearing them in the future. The ones told about above I got rid of because of what they represented to me. Somehow the air feels lighter when I open my jewelry case since letting go of these particular items.