Eclectic Little Secret Garden & The First Stages of Moving To A New City

JournalKait MauroComment

Here are some pictures of my little balcony garden in Birmingham. We live on the side of a mountain with a lot of trees behind us so it feels kind of safe and hidden from the world, our little balcony, which I love. I bought some of these flowering plants yesterday. My tomato plant got too cold one night I think, not sure if it will make a full recovery or need to be replaced - it still has two giant tomatoes growing on it though. My rainbow chard is THRIVING, as are all of my herb plants except my cilantro for some reason. The wildflower seeds my neighbor gave me that I planted a ton of in three different pots are starting to sprout. It's supposed to get down below 40 degrees some night this week so I'll have to be sure to bring my plants inside that night to sleep in the kitchen. I'm currently growing some basil on our coffee table because it's not quite late enough in the season yet to have it outside.

I'm going to Montgomery on Wednesday to look at possible houses for Edward & I to rent for a year or two (not 100% sure how long we will be living in Montgomery yet - but at least one year). I have to go on my own because Edward can't take the time away from Step 1 studying (it's a 3 hour round trip and looking at houses can take a while, so I don't blame him). One of my goals was to be more independent - so, although I'm a little anxious about having to drive for that long on my own or looking at houses for us being a lonely experience without the person I'll be making it into a home with there with me, I'm gonna do it.

It's very likely that we are going to get a house with a fenced in backyard (more gardening!!) and an extra bedroom I can use as an artist's studio. So I'm really excited about those things. I was dreading moving to Montgomery so much for such a long time but I feel like I've finally mostly made peace with it - and if I can find somewhere for us to live that I love that feeling will become even more concrete. I'm ready for a change, admittedly. The last time I lived in the same home or apartment for more than a year was in mother's house before I went off to college in 2010. We've been in Birmingham for almost two years and in the same apartment for that whole time. I find myself wondering sometimes if it'll hurt leaving more than I expect it to, having gotten married in this very apartment and if I'll feel homesick when we first get to Montgomery. I think I will be so busy unpacking and nesting and setting up the new place that I'll be fine though - I love that stuff. And if we move in May Edward and I will have almost two months to settle into Montgomery together before he starts his rotations at the hospital. During those two months he'll be doing a research project from home (which is like a 9-5 situation, generally), and he'd have to drive into Birmingham for meetings with his mentor sometimes but probably not too often and I think it'd be worth it for us to kind of "discover" and settle into Montgomery together before he begins his rotations.