Being Anxiously Attached & Learning to Breath Horizontally

Journal, The Healing WorkKait MauroComment

I have an anxious attachment style.

This pattern within me had its blueprints set during my childhood/young adult years and I still carry it with me today - even after years with (about 1 year and 8 months of which have been marriage) a man who has a secure attachment style and who is as crazy about me as I am about him.

If you don't know about attachment theory in adult relationships, Google it. It's interesting. I want to learn to be more securely attached. My therapist says I am taking on too much at once right now with regards to working on myself and she's probably right. I just feel this urgent need to heal myself, to feel whole, to stop the emotional pain I am in most of the time, to grow. I want some relief.

My therapist sent me this video today. Apparently I have been breathing the wrong way. I knew breathing consciously/focusing on the breath could help with anxiety but I learned a lot from this video. Maybe training my body to be a horizontal breathing machine instead of a vertical one will help. I'll try anything.