Beginning of this year's balcony garden

JournalKait MauroComment

I was going to wait until we got to Montgomery to start outdoor gardening this year but was missing it so much I decided the hassle of moving the planters was going to be worth it to be able to start sooner rather than waiting an unsure amount of months. It's been raining a lot here in Birmingham. I thought the possibility of below freezing temperatures had passed but since I've started my little balcony garden again the forecast has predicted freezing (or almost) several nights. On those nights I bring all my plants inside and they sleep in the kitchen. I'm currently growing a Boston fern, pansies, poppy anemones, tomatoes, rainbow chard & various herbs. I have a bunch of basil to repot that's waiting for me on the kitchen counter & two begonia plants - maybe I'll get to that today.