A Universe For Us / A Ritual Completed

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We did the recommitment-style ritual in the little "universe" I created for us on Saturday. We repeated our vows from our wedding, we read each other things we'd written for each other about our love, each other, the struggles & surprises our marriage has survived so far - it was all very sweet & full of love & made me so giddy. I wish it had lasted longer.

At the very end Edward put an opal ring on my finger. I still love my original engagement ring but it's rather delicate & I wanted something sturdier I could wear around without worrying about losing something emotionally irreplaceable if a stone fell out. Here's what Edward had to say about my idea to use opal as the stone for this new ring:

"Opal is the perfect stone for recommitment because it is ever-changing in different lights and perspectives. Yet there is still a constancy to its appearance. The differences are great enough to be enchanting but minor enough to keep an easily recognizable form. The night sky also changes every night and over time but keeps its recognizable form. So to with the universe itself. String theory predicts that tiny universes are springing forth from all of space every second. Dimensions within dimensions ad infinitum. Before your very eves a new cosmos may be born without your awareness. Within this paradoxic consistent chaos let us create our own universe. We can't do away with the chaos but we can temper it with our love and commitment. This is my ultra Edward way of saying that your creative mind hit upon a brilliant emblem for our love that my stilted hyper educated mind is still appreciating. As I said, you continue to amaze me."

Here are some photographs I took of us after the ritual:


"I take you to be no other than yourself.  Loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not yet know, with respect for your integrity and faith in your love for me.  Through all years and all that life may bring us, I will strive everyday to make our relationship stronger.  My promise to you today is to be your friend, your love and your partner for all the days of our lives – in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in anger and in peace, in success and in failure."

Those were the vows at our wedding. As Edward said during the ritual, the vows of a wedding are, in a way, easier to make than the vows of recommitment because when you get married you don't really know what's going to happen. With recommitment vows, you've gotten to know each other on a deeper level, the wonderful parts of each other & the less than wonderful parts.

All I can say is I love this man to death & back. I am super lucky to have him & I don't care what the future brings for him and I, I'll be wherever he is.