A Room To Be An Artist

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After experiencing having my first designated "studio" room as an artist, I don't think I can ever go back. Having a designated & private place to work & create makes my artistic practices feel more legitimate - it makes me feel more like an artist. Before I had a studio, when I'd just work in bed or on the couch or on the floor, I was always distracted by other things that needed to be done. While I was trying to write a post or edit images or collage or whatever my artistic practice entailed that day, I'd be constantly reminded of the other responsibilities I had. I could see the dirty dishes in the kitchen, the laundry on the floor, the floors that needed to be swept, the bedding that needed to be washed.

I've gotten a lot more done creatively since having a studio room in our little rented house. To be fair, I often photograph other places than inside my studio & my recent installation-kinda-art project ("A Universe For Us") was built in the room next to my studio. Yesterday I was away from my studio for 6 hours because I was shooting for a grant I received recently from Advocates For Youth to be part of their 1-in-3 Photography Project.

But my studio is my home-base. I've taken great care in decorating it. I have two fish tanks on my desk - one filled with a rainbow of tetras & guppies, the other home to my beta fish, Ghost, who has to live alone because he is highly aggressive. I have a freckled, dark purple orchid, a succulent that has grown to look like a bonsai tree & a bella palm Beatrice (our cat) took way too much interest in before I moved it up on the shelves. I have shelves that look like honeycomb that hold little paintings, crystals, a book & framed polaroid images. I regularly add new things to the walls. I have a shelf full of photo albums & books (mostly to do with art) that I've already read or been meaning to read. I have a monstera plant in a white pot by the french doors that lead out onto the back deck. 

In the morning when I wake up, my studio is the first place I go. I spend most of my days in here when Edward is working at the hospital. I drag Sam's massive dog bed in so I have even more canine company while I work. 

I often do non-artist things in here like paying bills, listening to a novel while knitting, cleaning my aquariums, watching Sharp Objects on Mondays or another show I'm into when a new episode or season is out. Sometimes I watch movies. Sometimes I accidentally drink too much coffee in here and it makes me jittery & anxious. I change my insulin pump infusion sets in here. I check my blood sugar 2 or 3 times a day. I keep my tripod, my camera equipment & a box that still needs to be unpacked from the move in the corner.