8/365: Lena & Sunshine In What Will Soon Be My Artist's Studio

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Those french doors lead out to the deck/backyard.

Today ended up being mostly driving to Montgomery and back to Birmingham again. I enjoyed it though because I was listening to "Nobody Belongs Here More Than You" by Miranda July (and also, happily, narrated by Miranda July) while I drove. I have a poor memory so I can enjoy books I love over and over if I just wait a bit in between reading/listening to them, almost as if they are new to me all over again. I could not tell you how many times I've read this book. I've had a copy since the end of high school, so for at least 8 years.

Edward and I each took our cars - we got all of the balcony plants moved (except the few I gave to my sweet, soon-to-be-ex-neighbor, Kim, who I am going to miss). We got all the remaining indoor plants (though my giant peace lily looked pretty rough after the car journey, here's hoping it recovers) except for 3 in the bathroom (2 vining pathos & a pearl fern) and an orchid, my favorite so I need to be very careful moving it. We also got all of our framed art off the walls and moved. Edward packed up most of his clothing and that is now moved too. We bickered a little bit once we both got the the new house and were walking around after unloading the things about which room should be the bedroom, the living room, etc but it wasn't hostile, more just logistics and trying to figure out where things will best fit and what would be the best use of the space with our furniture.

Tonight my job is to pack up all of my clothes and things in that category - except what I've put in the suitcase to wear tomorrow, Sunday & Monday. The plan is to move all of that tomorrow, along with whatever else we can fit into our cars (probably kitchen stuff/dishes) when we both drive down to Montgomery again to A) move more stuff & B) leave Edward's car there so he can drive the moving truck we SHOULD have on Sunday. The truck company took my reservation earlier this week - they said I'd hear from someone on Saturday. I thought this meant we wouldn't actually know if the truck was available until sometime on Saturday (remember, we are planning on doing the final haul on Sunday and there is no way we are getting our furniture in our cars - truck is necessary) so I was anxious about it. I called today to see if they had any more information for us yet and the woman on the phone said we'd definitely have a truck Sunday, it's just a matter of which location we'll be picking it up at in Birmingham. I hope she's right.