Today is the first day of March.

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This is what life is like today: Edward & I agreed we would wait until March to start looking for a home to rent in Montgomery (where we will be moving in about two months) so I started looking today. I am hoping to take a day trip out there sometime soon to see places in person. I wanted to go on a walk around our current neighborhood with my camera today but it rained rained rained all day so I went to the grocery store instead. I bought some white roses. I listened to a book about the Danish concept of "hygge." I watered some of my houseplants, which took about half an hour because I have a lot of them. Edward has an exam tomorrow so he has been studying all day. Sam is a little sick so he has been sleeping all day. Lena kept me company in the car both times I left the house but has mostly been sleeping all day today too. She's not sick - she's just more like a cat than a dog.