I went through a fashion portraiture phase.

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In October 2017 I got really into the work of Julia Trotti and her behind-the-scenes fashion shoot videos on YouTube and wanted to try my hand at it. My goal at the time was to someday work with modeling agencies and real models. I had a hard time finding people to model for me at first as I didn't/still mostly don't know a lot of people in Birmingham so at first I photographed myself and my brother who was visiting. Then I started using, of all things, the Tindr app to find women to photograph and that actually worked out pretty well. I thought it was a new genre of photography I would be sticking with for a while but eventually I got bored with it. It had no message, it was just trying to make people/clothes/locations look as photogenic as possible. It was a fun little experiment and I met some cool people, but I decided not to continue pursuing fashion-style photography in the end. Here are some of my favorite shots from my little obsessive/experimental fashion phase though: