First Anniversary & Recent Shenanigans

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Edward & I had a great first anniversary. We started our day separately - I went shopping with a friend to buy a few things I'd been needing. Then when I got home he surprised me with flowers, a love letter & take-out from one of my favorite restaurants. Together we started writing something we've been referring to as our "Story of Us." It's fun to remember things from our history together. We went and had a couples massage after it got dark and ended the night in a giant jetted bathtub with some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. It really was a wonderful day - we are going to have a hard time topping it in years to come.☽

Yesterday we tried acroyoga together for the first time. I love it - the combination of trust, teamwork, exercise, novelty & playfulness. We only did a little because Edward has been working out at the gym lately and his legs were a little weak from all the exercises he's been doing, but it was great fun.