Magpie Anxiety

Journal, The Healing WorkKait MauroComment

"There is a time for growing, there is a time for hibernating, there is a time for basking in the sun. Right now, this is a time for making good soil. Allow the things that need to break down to break down. Shake off the dead leaves. Weather the hard knocks that are shaping you. Breathe into the new spaces even though the air is sharp and stings sometimes. It won't always be like this but right now, it needs to be. I have faith that I am where I need to be. Always on the path, always pulled in the right direction." - Aislin Fall 

I'm a magpie lately, collecting things I hope will help me cope with my anxiety - books, words, inspiration, knit stitches across my bamboo needles, guppies, fresh flowers in the vase once a week, chores, errands... I saw this quote on Instagram the other day & it resonated with me though, so I am sharing it here.