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I've decided to attempt the 365 project again (it's a thing where photographers try to take and share at least 1 photo everyday for a year or other types of artists do the same with their chosen medium). I've tried it several times before and never gotten past around day 40 or 50. I started yesterday, so this photograph is from then.

I laid in a park near our apartment in Birmingham everyday for four days straight. It was so relaxing and good for my anxiety. Sometimes I'd have human company, sometimes I wouldn't, but I always had Lena with me. She loves rolling around in grass and quietly warning me of potential "enemies." As you can see from this photograph, I missed the back of my thighs with the sunscreen on the 4th day & my best friend didn't do well applying it to my back. I'll be avoiding the sun in the near future but I'll become friends with it again once these burns heal, and I'll be more careful about the sunscreen going forward. I didn't get burnt the first 3 days, just the 4th day. I learned a lesson. Edward has been very sweet and has been rubbing aloe vera gel into my burns frequently.