The fun challenge of proposal photography is that it's a lot like photojournalism. We set the time and (approximate) location, then the person proposes when the moment feels right and I try my best to capture the emotions of the moment without being obtrusive or in the way. Usually they want it to be a surprise so only half of the couple knows I am there. Luckily, a lot of people wander around pretty places with big cameras these days, so it's pretty easy to blend in. I never know exactly which spot the proposal is going to happen at in a given location, exactly when or what the lighting situation will be like (I just pray to the universe that we get lucky with good lighting). It's a lot of fun because everyone is so happy and there is so much emotion. Proposal and engagement photography has become a big portion of my commercial work. I've labeled some samples of proposals I've photographed below with the locations, to give you some ideas about where you might propose, if you are thinking about a proposal in Birmingham. Please contact me at if you are interested in discussing proposal or engagement photography.

Vulcan Park

Birmingham Botanical Gardens