I’m a self-taught artist from Pittsburgh, PA where I grew up in a big family with a lot of animals and was unschooled for most of my K-12 education. I loved to read (still do) and escaped into books to avoid hard things, riding the 67F bus down to the Carnegie Library and carrying home as many books as I could many days a week. I’ve also lived in Bellingham, WA, Saint Louis, MO & Birmingham, AL.

I studied Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Creative Writing at Washington University in St Louis. I really want to live near Santa Fe someday, the southwestern landscape inspires me and I feel like my favorite version of myself in it. I am a lifelong vegetarian, have lived in more apartments and houses than I can count, was once homeless and have hitchhiked up the California coast.

I currently reside & create in Montgomery, AL. See the resume page for a list of places my work has been shown, featured or published.

I’ve independently published two books, One Six Billionth & Putting The Ghosts to Rest: Poems, which are available in my shop, on Amazon in paperback or as Kindle ebooks.

I’m currently working on a new writing project, a hybrid of creative nonfiction & poems, that I am hoping will eventually get published by a small press.